Tuesday, 9 June 2009

DIY mini greenhouse?

After trying and slowly failing with some seeds recently i'd been looking at the mini greenhouse type things you can get these days (A metal shelving unit with plastic zipped cover). After a bit of shopping around and looking at various options (and prices) I decided to use a metal shelving unit I already had and my parents gave me some bubble wrap... so quite a lot of bubble wrap, duct tape and time later this is what we've got.... (i'm rather proud of myself!). Now just to sort my seeds out and get them in there, and my tomato plants! Watch this space!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey I noticed you had a look at my blog, so I decided to stop by yours :) - I was looking at your newly constructed green house.. what are you looking at growing in that? I dont know a lot about greenhouses but it looks interesting. You seem like a creative person as well :)

Well Take Care :)


LifeIs said...


Thanks for your comment! :)

So far... I have 2 tomato plants i'll be putting in there - for now at least, and have been trying (notice the trying! lol) to grow various flowers without much success - not enough warmth etc where I was trying to grow them hence the construction of the 'greenhouse' I will post pics up soon of whats in there :)

I enjoyed reading your blog too :)

Take care :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, an inspiration! Well done :) Looking forward to seeing more photos of that project. Am watching this space.