Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Love this song!

I love this song at the moment, so thought i'd share this video I found on youtube, as there is an embed code i'm assuming this is allowed?! I'm sure someone will soon shout if its not?! Its not my vid, but a great song :)

Monday, 20 April 2009

I like!

After discovering myself again i've started noticing things that really make me feel good/smile so thought i'd make a list! Seeing my children happy comes right at the top of the list obviously but I want this list just to be 'things'....

Bright yellow flowers
The smell of freshly cut grass
Being 'crafty'
Sitting down after a really long day with a glass of wine
Good photos
Black and white images
Shiny copper?!
The smell of really good coffee
Freshly baked bread
Cakes cooking in the oven
Completing a job i've been putting off for ages
Wearing clothes I feel good in
Putting myself first just sometimes
Having a pampering evening, just me, the bath, body lotions & potions, and nail varnish etc
The first cup of tea of a morning
A brand new jar of marmalade, before its been used, just the lid off, the sight is heaven!
Being the first to break the seal on a new jar of coffee....

I know most of these are quite random, and even for me quite hard to explain why, but they make me happy so I don't feel the need to explain myself just to enjoy them :)
What things do you like?

I know this all probably seems a bit random

Handmade Jewellery

Over the last few years i've had a few attempts at making my own jewellery, really need to try and get back into this!

These are just a few of the things i've made!

Going to sort out some other items i've made and post some pics of those too :)

New bag

This is a bag I recently made, with no sewing involved apart from the decoration!

It was made using a large square of fabric folded and knotted together, I found the instructions on the net, will have to find them again and put a link up for anyone who wants it :)

Its one of the first things i've made that i've actually used alot, and am really pleased with it!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Getting organised - finding me!

After a bit of a rough time from a previous relationship I have finally begun finding myself again, it feels amazing, I am starting to realise what I like now, instead of always trying to second guess what everyone else wants me to like. I always had a love for windchimes and crystals but had packed these away years ago, I found them yesterday in the loft all knotted together, so I have sorted them out hung the wind chimes by the windows, have had to cut the strings to the crystals as they were just too tangled, so going to rethread them later, but have cleaned the crystals so they are now all shiny waiting to go back up at their rightful place at the windows waiting for the glorious sunshine to penetrate through them and bounce their beautiful colours around the room.

The single one is particular favourite of mine, although not the most fancy of the ones I own it catches the light beautifuly.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday already!

For some reason more than any other 'holiday' /bank holiday Easter weekend throws me out of sorts, I can't believe its wednesday tomorrow, before we know it, it'll be like the long weekend never happened and we'll be longing for the next break from routine. I love breaks, but find something deeply reassuring in routines, not ridgid ones but just having a regular time/way of doing things. My washing machine appreciates me being in a routine too I think, it sits silent for a few days whilst I enjoy relaxing then goes into overdrive, while I try to catch up and become the perfect housewife that I never seem to achieve.I love other peoples 'mess' in their homes - I say 'mess' because in anyone elses house there never seems to be any, not what i'd say is mess, I can look at something and think that it looks nice yet know in my heart i'd over fiddle or tidy it til I got bored and gave up (I am trying to change this).
The last few days has been a quiet time in the house, me trying to relax, whilst still looking after a poorly family, not exactly relaxing but still - the washing machine is currently wondering whats hit it! I've been working on my website for the past week or so, trying to upgrade bits and pieces and have at last got it done -yay!
Need to do some more baking very soon, have to get some more flour first though, can't bake cakes without that!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter

Hi again!

I cannot believe its been nearly 3 weeks again since i've posted!! Where does the time go?!

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day again lately, each day I plan to get 'x,y and z' completed, yet on starting one job it seems to present several others with it - still nevermind, 'one day' i'll get it done won't I?

I have made a few cakes lately but haven't taken any photos (d'oh!), i've made http://theidleduck.blogspot.com/2009/03/idle-ducks-spicy-rockcakes.html which were lovely, if not quite as 'rock' like as she makes hers, but were a vast improvement on any rock cakes i've made in the past - my children called them flat cakes, so you get the idea how bad they were in the past!
Have also made a victoria sponge cake again this week, and still didn't take a pic of a slice! I have been given a Betty Crocker Cake tin set, and have yet to try this out, will post pics with my first creation with this as soon as I use it!!

I have a couple of other things to blog about later but thought this would be a start for today, but the washing up and hoover is calling me for now.....

HAPPY EASTER to everyone xXx