Monday, 20 April 2009

I like!

After discovering myself again i've started noticing things that really make me feel good/smile so thought i'd make a list! Seeing my children happy comes right at the top of the list obviously but I want this list just to be 'things'....

Bright yellow flowers
The smell of freshly cut grass
Being 'crafty'
Sitting down after a really long day with a glass of wine
Good photos
Black and white images
Shiny copper?!
The smell of really good coffee
Freshly baked bread
Cakes cooking in the oven
Completing a job i've been putting off for ages
Wearing clothes I feel good in
Putting myself first just sometimes
Having a pampering evening, just me, the bath, body lotions & potions, and nail varnish etc
The first cup of tea of a morning
A brand new jar of marmalade, before its been used, just the lid off, the sight is heaven!
Being the first to break the seal on a new jar of coffee....

I know most of these are quite random, and even for me quite hard to explain why, but they make me happy so I don't feel the need to explain myself just to enjoy them :)
What things do you like?

I know this all probably seems a bit random


Anonymous said...

This is so weird, only yesterday I found and threw away 2 lists. One entitled 'I like...' and the other 'I don't like...' I wish i'd kept them now! A few quick likes though would have to be:
1, Finding a bar of chocolate I'd forgotten about.
2, Making changes in the house, ie. moving furniture around.
3, Coming down in the morning to a clean tidy kitchen.
4, Tiny flowers.
and some the same as you eg, the smell of bread and cakes baking, smelling the coffee the moment the seal is broken and the scent of freshly cut grass (lots of smells lol) Great post btw, nice to think about things that make us happy.

LifeIs said...

Ooh spooky! :)

Thanks for your lovely comment again! :)