Wednesday, 25 February 2009


... were yummy!!
My kids had never tried them! :/ They both loved them, we were all extremely full up last night! My other half made them for us, and managed to flip them all without any disasters, we had a nice evening :) - This is one of the pancakes, I had planned to take a picture of one before it got attacked with a fork, but my little girl was too excited lol.

Today I have just been tidying around this morning, then going to make a victoria sponge cake in a while. Will see how it turns out and will post pics later :)
I'm not quite sure why I keep feeling the need to make food and post pics of it on here, i'm far from a great cook, but kind of enjoy doing this :)

Very sad news this morning that David Camerons son has died age only 6 :( thoughts go out to them xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Day!

Had a madly busy day yesterday!
Went to a few garden centres, managed to get the hedge!! Got the last of the bare-rooted privet hedges they had in, and as they were bare-rooted plants they were alot cheaper than the other (much bigger) potted plants. Then went shopping, didn't need much but went price hunting for a lot of things, oh and bought a bin! Hadn't planned to buy one but spotted one in morrisons that I liked so got that too, we'd had a stainless steel bin a while ago but had given up using it, as we always used black bags as they were cheaper than the smaller liners but when the bin was full the bag when we took it out was half empty so spent the rest of the time by the bin :/
So now we have a bigger bin :)
Also went into a lovely store in town and was treated to this lovely little candle holder by my mum :)

Anyway to today....
Got a load of housey stuff to do, washing, dusting, hoovering etc then going to have an early (and small) dinner before making pancakes later this evening! Will take pictures and post them here tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a good day!!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Strange day

Today has been an odd day, not for any particular reason just odd.
Woke up unusually early for me, for a sunday, and was instantly wide awake, so was up dressed and everything by 8:30am ish. Even my partner was awake and downstairs not long after, haven't done a great deal today really, played on the wii (and lost) spent time with the kids, been on the internet - trying to create a wonderful header/logo type thing, which just isn't happening :( , cleaned the house a little, and now just on here wasting time before I have to go and cook tea, feel tired this evening though not really sure why.
So not going to make this a long 'blogpost' today, am going 'hedge' shopping tomorrow, replacing fencing with hedge, so going to find out prices etc tomorrow, hopefully it won't be too expensive!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday 21st February

Today having a nice relaxing day, a family day.
This morning got up, got ready, tidied round a little bit, though not a great deal needed doing, then made cakes with the kids, just fairy cakes but only had muffin cases so they are like extra large fairy cakes lol.
I made butter icing for the first time :/ it tastes lovely am really pleased.
We decorated them with little coloured animals and silver balls, was going to go to the shop to get smarties or something but decided to save the pennies and use what we had in.

I am really pleased with how they came out, the kids each left one with the icing not spread lol, not quite what i've of done, but their not kids long and it amused them!!
I make the kids birthday cakes each year now as we quite often found that the shop ones made us feel a bit sick, even though they do look lovely. Anyway this year am hoping to be a bit more adventurous with the decorating of them, am looking on the net for ideas at the moment so if anyone has any tips or ideas, for a little girl or a boy (ages next birthday 10/12) please send them this way!!

Friday, 20 February 2009


Ok, today is the day that i'm going to change the world (bare with me, its just gone 10:30am and the day is still young enough for me to have hope at least!).
I have a mountain (literally I think it could be climbed) of washing to sort and wash, some paperwork to sort out, then need to carry on with website building etc, thats amongst making little people lunch, wondering what to do for dinner, making drinks, looking at drawings and whatever else they do today :)
Each night i'm in bed I look back and think was I really too busy to get X,Y or Z done today and think no i've failed, I could of got something else done, but in reality i've got loads done, and so long as we've got through safe and at least moderately happy for another day then I think i've done ok, not great but ok.
So right now i'm off, going to sort a wash then boil the kettle (again) for a cup of tea to have while I clear out some paperwork - oh fun!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Updating :)

I am currently in the middle of updating my website and blog, hope to be back soon xx