Friday, 20 February 2009


Ok, today is the day that i'm going to change the world (bare with me, its just gone 10:30am and the day is still young enough for me to have hope at least!).
I have a mountain (literally I think it could be climbed) of washing to sort and wash, some paperwork to sort out, then need to carry on with website building etc, thats amongst making little people lunch, wondering what to do for dinner, making drinks, looking at drawings and whatever else they do today :)
Each night i'm in bed I look back and think was I really too busy to get X,Y or Z done today and think no i've failed, I could of got something else done, but in reality i've got loads done, and so long as we've got through safe and at least moderately happy for another day then I think i've done ok, not great but ok.
So right now i'm off, going to sort a wash then boil the kettle (again) for a cup of tea to have while I clear out some paperwork - oh fun!

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