Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Day!

Had a madly busy day yesterday!
Went to a few garden centres, managed to get the hedge!! Got the last of the bare-rooted privet hedges they had in, and as they were bare-rooted plants they were alot cheaper than the other (much bigger) potted plants. Then went shopping, didn't need much but went price hunting for a lot of things, oh and bought a bin! Hadn't planned to buy one but spotted one in morrisons that I liked so got that too, we'd had a stainless steel bin a while ago but had given up using it, as we always used black bags as they were cheaper than the smaller liners but when the bin was full the bag when we took it out was half empty so spent the rest of the time by the bin :/
So now we have a bigger bin :)
Also went into a lovely store in town and was treated to this lovely little candle holder by my mum :)

Anyway to today....
Got a load of housey stuff to do, washing, dusting, hoovering etc then going to have an early (and small) dinner before making pancakes later this evening! Will take pictures and post them here tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a good day!!

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Omi said...

I love this! It's really cute. Candles are wonderful for creating atmosphere :)