Sunday, 22 February 2009

Strange day

Today has been an odd day, not for any particular reason just odd.
Woke up unusually early for me, for a sunday, and was instantly wide awake, so was up dressed and everything by 8:30am ish. Even my partner was awake and downstairs not long after, haven't done a great deal today really, played on the wii (and lost) spent time with the kids, been on the internet - trying to create a wonderful header/logo type thing, which just isn't happening :( , cleaned the house a little, and now just on here wasting time before I have to go and cook tea, feel tired this evening though not really sure why.
So not going to make this a long 'blogpost' today, am going 'hedge' shopping tomorrow, replacing fencing with hedge, so going to find out prices etc tomorrow, hopefully it won't be too expensive!

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