Wednesday, 25 February 2009


... were yummy!!
My kids had never tried them! :/ They both loved them, we were all extremely full up last night! My other half made them for us, and managed to flip them all without any disasters, we had a nice evening :) - This is one of the pancakes, I had planned to take a picture of one before it got attacked with a fork, but my little girl was too excited lol.

Today I have just been tidying around this morning, then going to make a victoria sponge cake in a while. Will see how it turns out and will post pics later :)
I'm not quite sure why I keep feeling the need to make food and post pics of it on here, i'm far from a great cook, but kind of enjoy doing this :)

Very sad news this morning that David Camerons son has died age only 6 :( thoughts go out to them xx

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