Saturday, 18 April 2009

Getting organised - finding me!

After a bit of a rough time from a previous relationship I have finally begun finding myself again, it feels amazing, I am starting to realise what I like now, instead of always trying to second guess what everyone else wants me to like. I always had a love for windchimes and crystals but had packed these away years ago, I found them yesterday in the loft all knotted together, so I have sorted them out hung the wind chimes by the windows, have had to cut the strings to the crystals as they were just too tangled, so going to rethread them later, but have cleaned the crystals so they are now all shiny waiting to go back up at their rightful place at the windows waiting for the glorious sunshine to penetrate through them and bounce their beautiful colours around the room.

The single one is particular favourite of mine, although not the most fancy of the ones I own it catches the light beautifuly.


Anonymous said...

It's so easy to lose your identity, those likes and dislikes and choices that make you you. Well done for finding yourself again :) I love crystals too, hope you'll put up some photos when they're catching those sunbeams!

LifeIs said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :)
Yes I will put some pics up again soon!