Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday already!

For some reason more than any other 'holiday' /bank holiday Easter weekend throws me out of sorts, I can't believe its wednesday tomorrow, before we know it, it'll be like the long weekend never happened and we'll be longing for the next break from routine. I love breaks, but find something deeply reassuring in routines, not ridgid ones but just having a regular time/way of doing things. My washing machine appreciates me being in a routine too I think, it sits silent for a few days whilst I enjoy relaxing then goes into overdrive, while I try to catch up and become the perfect housewife that I never seem to achieve.I love other peoples 'mess' in their homes - I say 'mess' because in anyone elses house there never seems to be any, not what i'd say is mess, I can look at something and think that it looks nice yet know in my heart i'd over fiddle or tidy it til I got bored and gave up (I am trying to change this).
The last few days has been a quiet time in the house, me trying to relax, whilst still looking after a poorly family, not exactly relaxing but still - the washing machine is currently wondering whats hit it! I've been working on my website for the past week or so, trying to upgrade bits and pieces and have at last got it done -yay!
Need to do some more baking very soon, have to get some more flour first though, can't bake cakes without that!

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