Sunday, 27 June 2010

Two words...


I know I am typically British in moaning about the weather but right now I am too hot to care (lol).
What happened to early summer weather?
Do you remember when the weather got gradually hotter? 26C was considered very hot and those days were few and far between each year!
Warm days where you could go out and do anything without feeling like you were melting!
Now our seasons seem to have an on/off switch. Maybe mother nature finds it more energy saving to go from 1 extreme to the other? or maybe we're being punished for not looking after her earth too well.
We now wait a very long, very cold winter for a fairly short summer that is mostly far too hot to do anything much in.

Yes O.K I am very British.

The plants that survived our unusually harsh winter are thriving in the summer sun. We have bumble bees aplenty buzzing around in our garden this year, which is great to see as they have their own battle of survival going on.

Please read this article about the Plight of the humble bee

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