Saturday, 29 August 2009

An unintentional break!

I cannot believe it was the 18th of July that I last 'blogged', I hadn't made a decision to have a break and blogging wasn't the only thing i'd stopped doing, facebook, twitter and all the usual online retreats had also been left a while too.
So I guess now i'm back, anyone missed me? :P lol

Its nearing the end of a generally poor summer here and I can't wait for the winter evenings to stay snuggled in with the family playing games etc :)

I hope everyone else is well :)


Lilize said...

define poor summer?

over here it got cold a couple of weeks ago, but these last few days have been the hottest of all season.

glad to see you're back ;)
i, too, went on a little (un)intentional hiatus...

LifeIs said...

Overall not enough warm sunny days, though in fairness its a better summer than we had last year (was very wet), have had a few spells of very chilly weather and then extremes of heat i'm not making this sound quite so poor now am I lol.

Thanks, glad you are back too! :) x

Drew said...

I can't say I'm too fond of winter, since I feel like I'm a addict withdrawing in drug rehab, when I get sick as the weather changes.