Thursday, 14 May 2009

Apple pie!

Apple pie is always a favourite in our house, I haven't made one for a long long time, but my partner had got some cooking apples in and I decided to make one!

This recipe is going to be a bit vague so apologies for that! I didn't count how many cooking apples or what weight they were before I started just peeled what we had and that was it! :/

Apple pie filling
Cooking apples

Apple Pie Pastry

8oz Flour - I use either self raising or plain - both work.
40z Margarine
Water - to mix
Milk to brush pastry

I peeled, cored and chopped the cooking apples into big chunks, put them in a saucepan with a little water (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan) and sprinkled sugar over the top. Started cooking them on a low heat - increased the heat once the apples started to release their own juices and soften. Once they were completely soft and stewed I left them to cool slightly for a short time.

Mixed the flour and margarine into breadcrumbs and slowly added
the water til it was a dough like mixture.
Floured a board cut the pastry mix in half rolled one half out then laid it in an enamel plate.
I spooned the apple into the pastry, then rolled out the other half of the pastry mix and placed this over the top. I pressed the edges of the pastry down with my thumb to pinch it, then cut off the excess pastry with a knife.
I brushed the top with a little milk.

Baked for 40mins (approx) on Gas Mark 6.

I then sprinkled a little sugar over the top and served! :)

Apple turnover (sort of!)

This time I had a little pastry left and some of the stewed apple so I made my own turnover!

Just rolled out the remaining pastry spooned apple onto half and folded it over! pressed down edges and baked in a cake tin alongside the main pie!

When pie and turnover had baked I sprinkled a little sugar over them both!

I plan to make all little turnovers next time I have some cooking apples in! :)


Taste of My Life said...

This looks delicious and seems easy to make.

Anonymous said...

I must have a go at this, looks scrummy!

Anncoo said...

I love apple pie too, will make one soon.