Friday, 1 May 2009

Getting ready for the weekend!

Its been days (Again!) since I last posted, have kept sitting down to post then getting called away!

It was a friends daughters first birthday last week and I wanted to make her something special that could be kept so designed and made this:
I was really pleased as i've never done anything like this before (designed and made) and over the years i've rarely finished anything either so was pleased to get this done!
Also made her a card, which doesn't show up so well on here, it was smothered in very fine glittery stuff :)

Have my partners mum to make something for next, since beginning to make most of the birthday cards and gifts that we send the birthdays seem never ending!

After a really good run of sunshine recently, yesterday was quite a shock to the system with rain virtually all day! The sun is out again today though, and I have some plants to put in the garden this afternoon!

Mind has gone blank so going for now!

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