Thursday, 9 July 2009

2 boys and a girls birthday!

It was recently my daughters and a best friends 2 sons birthdays, not on the same day but within the same week, we always try and get together for a combined celebration of some sort, this year we went on a lovely picnic together, I provided the food and cake this time, I thought the cake would be fun, until I realised I was short on ingrediants and all icing things I had were pink (not sure the 2 boys would of been too pleased with that lol). With no time to get to a decent shop I used what I had in, thankfully a pack of sugared animals provided enough blue for the boys to be happy and ignore the pink!! I also discovered I had very little icing sugar in, so made a lemon drizzle icing! Phew - note to self, check ingrediants the day before having to bake!!


Taste of My Life said...

The cake is nice!

LifeIs said...

Thank you :)

Lilize said...

i do mine differently... note to self: go to the store and buy the cake lol

u're lucky u even know how to bake plus u're a good improviser :D

hey, i tagged u on my last post! :)


Toothfairynotes said...

oooh this looks so cute!
I'm waiting to read your 10 random facts :P hahhaha

Lilize has tagged you too, I see!
That means something you know! :P
pressure.... hahaha


LifeIs said...

Thank you Lilize! :)

Thank you Toothfairynotes! Lol I know! I am getting there am upto 9, so watch this space!! lol

:) xx