Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Change of view

After being pushed (persuaded) to go to the opticians yesterday I finally had my eyes tested and discovered I do need glasses for close work (inc laptop, tv etc). I pick them up next week, its going to be weird I had kinda guessed that I would need glasses; my left eye has felt tired for a long time now so it wasn't really a shock and i'm not at all bothered by the idea of wearing them, its just gonna be odd/different I guess. I had no real idea of styles etc but as soon as I saw the ones i'm getting it 'had' to be them :)

I have just added another video to my favourites on youtube - yet another favourite scene from a fave movie :)

I cannot believe its march already! Outside still looks so wintry and i'm still cold most of the time (that could just be me though lol). Hopefully will have something bright and spring like to post about here soon :)

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