Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lazy Saturday :)

After a majorly long day yesterday shopping with my mum on her birthday I am today having a very lazy/relaxing day :)
I got myself some different clothes (For me) yesterday, trackie type trousers and a hooded top, I feel very young today in them lol, finally got some black nail varnish too, been wanting some of that for ages - I painted my nails a while ago and love them! :)

I keep listening to a song by JLS at the moment (far from the boy band loving stage of my life but like who/what I like because of the song/words or whatever, don't ever not like something without listening just because of who its by!) I love the video too, its kinda simple though the effects are really clever, you can see it here or via my favourites page

Hope you have a good weekend! :) x

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